Forgotten Dasein


Remembering Moore’s proof of the existence of external world, it seems to me that this philosophical gesture directs us towards many fake problems that strangely enough have returned in the focus of philosophical discussions. I could not say what is new in New Realism, but the very fact that the discussion about it has become so inflamed brings us to read again the paragraphs 43 and 44 in Heidegger’s work Being and Time, that are extremely important for the problem area of Realism. After having this done, I suggest to understand Moore’s gesture in the light of Heidegger’s position so that we might see that New Realism is in fact an appeal to remember that we are always being-in-the-world, that realism is a theoretical point of view, that Lebenswelt is something completely different from any theoretical postulate which depends on it. This becomes evident in the experience of apocalypsis, which I should dedicate some analysis to.

Keywords: Reality, realism, being-in-the-world, Dasein, external world, apocalypses, world of life, body, subject, object.

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