Desorden y orden, revolución y dictadura: La reacción de Donoso Cortés frente a la modernidad


Disorder and Order, Revolution and Dictatorship: The Reaction of Donoso Cortés to the Modernity

The present contribution investigates the work of the 19th-century Spanish philosopher Juan Donoso Cortés, one of the main proponents of European counter-revolutionary thought. Referring to the genealogy of modern politics traced by Carlo Galli, Donoso's thought is interpreted through the order/disorder dyad, understood as the basis of his entire conception. It is in fact possible to see how the question of immanent disorder and the need for a transcendent order define, through theological and anthropological formulations, Donoso's philosophy of history, politics and right. As a consequence, he theorizes the necessity of a dictatorship as a response to the fundamental event at the origin of the rupture of the divine cosmic order: the revolution. Donoso’s philosophy is therefore configured, in the path of counter-revolutionary philosophy, as the transition to a secularized theory of reaction to the emergence of political and social conflict in the modern world.

Keywords: Donoso Cortés, order/disorder, counter-revolutionary philosophy, political philosophy, modernity

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